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DeWitt Shade Cloth.jpg

Shade cloth (custom sewn woven and knitted, taped & grommeted):

The professionals on DeWitt’s sewing production team can customize panels to any percentage of shade. We use #4 brass grommets and 2 ¾ ” reinforcement tape. The taped edges are double stitched for extra holding power. Please call for custom quotes and lead times.

Pro 5

Pro 5 Weed Barrier.jpg


PRO 5 WEED BARRIER® is the industry’s best 5 oz. woven, needle-punched, polypropylene fabric designed for professional and commercial use. PRO 5 WEED BARRIER® has been approved by leading landscape architects and most government agencies. PRO 5 WEED BARRIER® conserves soil moisture, increases growth, and prevents unwanted weeds from germinating. PRO 5 WEED BARRIER® is striped every twelve inches to aid in plant alignment.


Sunbelt Woven Ground Cover.jpg

Sunbelt Woven Ground Cover:

Consists of 3.2 oz. polypropylene, which resists tearing, puncturing and weed penetration. It is approved for most government weed control applications. Sunbelt is ideal for greenhouses, outdoor displays and as a weed barrier for plantings without topical coverings where a weed-free environment is a must. DeWitt Sunbelt is striped every 12 inches to aid in plant alignment and is UV-stabilized to last even in direct sunlight.

Jolly Gardner.gif

Jolly Gardener

Oldcastle Peat Moss.jpg

C/B: Peat moss (Canadian sphagnum), 3/8” fine pine bark, perlite, vermiculite, starter charge

Jolly Gardener Peat Moss2.jpg

C/25: Peat moss (Canadian sphagnum), 5/8” pine bark, perlite, vermiculite

Jolly Gardener Peat Moss.jpg

C/20: Peat moss (Canadian sphagnum), perlite

  • HF C/B: Peat moss (Canadian sphagnum), Hydra-fiber, 3/8” fine pine bark, perlite, vermiculite, starter charge

  • HF C/20: Peat moss (Canadian sphagnum), Hydra-fiber, perlite

  • HF C/25: Peat moss (Canadian sphagnum), Hydra-fiber, 5/8” pine bark, perlite, vermiculite



Dramm Water Wands.jpg

One Touch Water Wands:

Water with Ease with the One Touch Rain Wand. Allows complete and total water flow control with just one touch of your thumb. Made with aluminum for a lightweight and durable feel and has rubber over mold for additional protection at the natural wear-point. The One Touch Rain Wand is available in 16-inch lengths in red, green, blue and berry colors and 30-inch lengths in 6 enticing colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and berry. Lifetime guarantee to the consumer.

Dramm Kaleidoscope Spray Nozzle.jpg

Kaleidoscope Spray Nozzle:

The Kaleidoscope Spray Head is the perfect nozzle for watering anything while efficiently saving on water. Simply attached the Kaleidoscope Spray Head to the end of your hose and a variety of spray patterns are at your fingertips. The seven patterns vary from a fine mist setting for seedlings, to the shower setting for mature plants and flowers.

Dramm ColorStorm Hose.jpg

ColorStorm hose (100% rubber):

Our ColorStorm Premium Rubber Hose is the best garden water hose available on the market. Made of EPDM rubber, this ½″ garden hose won’t crack, check, or separate. Available in 25’ or 50’ and six colors.



Phyton 35.jpg

Phyton 35:

Phyton 35 is a broad-spectrum systemic bactericide + fungicide labeled for use on fruits, vegetables, & herbs as well as ornamentals and other greenhouse and nursery crops. Its patented chemistry speeds absorption into plants, enabling its active ingredient to move throughout the plant and be retained in the bio-system for up to 21 days

Natures Choice.jpg

Nature's Choice

Nature's Choice Pine Bark Mulch.jpg

Pine bark mulch, mini bark nuggets and soil conditioner

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